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Classic Shutdown is a software that provides the users of Windows 8 to use the classic menu for shutting down the computer or restart it. Built for making the process quick and user friendly, this really does the job by making things look simpler and active.


This new classic shutdown features makes windows 8 look more classic and is really very friendly for the touch screen users as it feels extremely smooth to work with. This is portable and thus, there is absolutely no need to go through the installation process. Using an USB drive, this classic feature can be used on any computer and thus, you can go along with it, wherever you go. This software is minimal and very clean. With very less buttons and easy operations, it is a delight for the users to use this classic shutdown feature, which makes sure the screen looks handy and class apart. This software allows you to shut down, restart your computer and also allows you to switch user, sleep and sign out with just a click of a button. Additionally, a small explanation alongside the button makes things look much simpler and user friendly.


Classic shutdown has become very popular since its inception, as it has been able to seal the deal with just one button. Rather than hovering your mouse from one place to another just in order to shut down, this software gives you the advantage just to bring up a hidden menu from the right hand side and click just one button to shut down, restart or get your computer to sleep. It has made things look easy and without, much fuss. There are similar software available such as D shutdown, Padgen, etc., but they do not provide the user with same level of comfort that classic shutdown does. The fact is that it encloses some buttons, the most needed aspects come under one menu and that can act as an advantage for computer nerds who need to work on the system constantly. This saves time and hovering around the system to find out a thing. People with no previous experience with the software can even go through this software, whereas D shutdown requires expert handling and can take up to couple of months to understand the features.


Classic Shutdown proves to be a very simple utility but on the other hand very efficient. The software has a simple interface that works on a timely manner with basic features. This software does not take up errors or clashes with the computer’s features keeping the memory and CPU load minimal at all times.


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