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ClamWin Free Antivirus is a type of antivirus software that protects the computer against malware and other computer threats. It is a type of free software that provides full protection to the computer. ClamWin Free Antivirus will ensure that the computer is free from any threats that might lead to the destruction of files in the computer.


Its main feature is fast scanning and a dedicated scheduler. The interface was designed to offer quick access to its scanning feature and virus update feature. The virus update feature enables the antivirus to be up to date at all times in terms of the virus database and any other updates to the software. To enable ClamWin Free Antivirus to provide protection the user has the power to initiate scan manually and select the specific folders and files to scan. It has the ability to scan the computer in quickly and effectively. It has an email scanning feature that scans any incoming mail to make sure that the email received is clean at all times. Its detection rate for viruses and malware is really high. It is able to integrate to Microsoft outlook and remove any of the infected attachments. Its scan engine is based on the ClamAV engine. It is a standalone virus scanner.


ClamWin Free Antivirus has a portable version that can be stored in any USB removable device. This is a rare feature among software in the same field. The ability of ClamWin Free Antivirus software to scan the computer quickly is also rare. Its dedicated scheduler is also a feature that makes it stand out from all other similar software. It has a high virus and malware detection rate allowing it to provide quality and efficient protection at all times. The high detection rate is what most other antivirus in the same field are always trying to achieve.


ClamWin Free Antivirus will provide the protection that every computer user expects from an antivirus. The combination of its features ensures quality protection. ClamWin Free Antivirus is a type of free software that is available to every individual across the world. ClamWin Free Antivirus has been able to receive high ratings from most tech sites this ensures the user of quality.


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