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Websites are hosted in remote servers, which are identified by using unique IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. However, users use common names for their access. This translation of common name to IP address is done by DNS. By controlling DNS, it is possible to control unwanted access to malicious websites very easily. ChrisPC DNS Switch is one such utility that helps in a safe and anonymous Internet browsing.


ChrisPC DNS Switch features a fairly simple user interface with DNS settings and network adapter information. DNS can be set using presets such as OpenDNS Home and can be changed/restored from the interface. DNS changes are made by the software using pre-defined DNS server presets, each of which provides different facility. The options include secure DNS for secured browsing, Anonymous DNS to stop websites from tracking and Family Safe DNS to remove adult websites and contents. These DNS are maintained in a database list, which is sourced from multiple sources such as Norton, OpenNIC, Swiss Privacy Foundation, Comodo Studio, Neustar, Google public DNS, etc. The DNS list can be exported as a text file also. The software can run in the background and DNS switch can be made from the system tray as well. The software can be configured to run at Windows boot and provide DNS capabilities for any browser or Internet accessing applications. It is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and for both 32 and 64 bit versions. Language support includes English and Romanian.


Windows provides default settings to set the DNS from Control Panel/Networking tab but it is not the most accessible of locations for general user. Further the built-in settings applet does not provide a DNS list for possible candidates and hence any settings have to be preformed manually. Also, it lacks any restore capabilities too. This makes ChrisPC DNS Switch an ideal candidate for replacement. Some other tools that provide similar facility are DNS Angel – a DNS switcher specifically tailored for Family and Children use and blocks all offensive contents. DNS Jumper is an almost identical software that provides 2-click DNS switch and custom DNS entries. Quick setDNS is yet another similar offering. eToolz is a viable alternative but provides plenty of other tools as well such as ping, whois, network scan, etc.


ChrisPC DNS Switch is a useful utility especially for office use or family use. DNS presets provide plenty of options for various DNS preferences such as secured, anonymous, family safe and custom DNS entries for the required cause. The list can be exported as well in text format. Quick change from system tray is an additional bonus. The tool simplifies the job of a network admin who wants to limit Internet access and increase security.


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