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CheckMail is an application for checking POP3 emails. The program notifies the users when a new email is received in the POP account. Users can then manage these emails by reading, replying, deleting or forwarding them.


CheckMail is an effective POP3 managing application, which enables users to manage their POP accounts in an efficient manner. When a mail arrives in the account of users, the application notifies them. Users can easily manage these mails by previewing them and then either reading, replying or forwarding or deleting these mails.

The application has a filtering option which enables users to create customised filtering options and rules to efficiently sort and manage their emails by transferring them into individual folders on the basis of several parameters such as subject, address of the senders, keywords and several other parameters. The program provides support to SSL especially for email clients like Gmail and Hotmail which use SSL enabled servers as well as Microsoft Exchange Server. Users can configure multiple email accounts in this application and can customise their own notifications.

The application runs in the background and displays the notification on the desktop Taskbar when a mail is received. Users can define the sound that can be played when a mail is received and can view the header of each mail without having to download it. This allows them to delete the mail or to download it. The application requires low system resources as compared to other mail clients and hence the CPU usage is lower. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


DzSoft Mail is an application similar to CheckMail. DzSoft Mail enables users to quickly view the mails which have arrived in any of their POP accounts. The application is simple and supports multiple POP accounts. It has a customisable skin so that users can change the appearance of the application. The program has a spam filter which helps identify junk mails and other malware.


CheckMail is an effective email and POP3 management tool which supports multiple email and POP accounts and allows users to easily manage their emails. The application displays a notification when a new mail arrives and displays it to the users. The notifications can be configured by the users and these are displayed accordingly. The program supports SSL mail servers and Microsoft Exchange Server. Users can choose what action needs to be taken with a particular mail by looking at the notification which does not even require downloading the email on the computer. This helps in deleting spam and junk mails even before they are downloaded.


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