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CheckDiskGUI is a user interface for CHDSK command line service to check the file system hard disk for any anomalies. This tool also repairs the rational errors while checking the disks. This tool can do the task in read only mode and checks the drives for any ambiguities and fixes the same.


CheckDiskGUI comes with well-coordinated, easy to use user interface. It comes up with File, Options, Help and Language options in the tool bar. One has the option to select the language one prefer. The drives are listed in the user interface. User needs to just select the drive which they wants to run the check on from the main application window. Once selected the tool runs the scan and gives the used space, free space, type, label and Dirty bit. Dirty bit basically says if there are any problems or not in the Drive. If it shows the option “DIRTY”, it means the drive is corrupted and needs to be fixed. If it shows “IS NOT DIRTY”, no action needs to be taken by the user and everything is fine as intended.

The main application also has a message box which shows the time taken to run the scan, type of file system, time and date of when the transaction was started and completed. There is an option to print all these messages and also can be saved in the form of text file. Fix, find and recover buttons helps to fix any repairs in the system drives.

An options menu in the toolbar has the option to select all the files, check for updates, helps in drive reload, rescan all arrays for errors. Additionally, there is an option to skip the testing of some cycles within the folders on the drive. User can select the sound option when there is a particular operation and the user can also select the type of check to be performed. CheckDiskGUI does not need high end CPUs and lots of physical space to run the tests. It completes the tasks quickly and has a great feedback time. Its user interface is very user friendly and can be used by all users with little or no experience.


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, HDD Health are some of the tools which work in a similar manner like CheckDiskGUI. CheckDiskGUI is the most used tool because of its easy usability and reliability. This tool is easy to install and is a freeware tool which could be installed without paying. Look and feel is really good which makes this tool stand unique among other tools.


CheckDiskGUI is a very good tool for searching the disk error and in turn fixing it. This tool does not hang or crash while using and is worth installing and using the same.


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