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CheatBook Database 2013 is a useful tool for making cheats and hints for several games. The application is compatible with various platforms and the hints and cheats are easily accessible from a single application.


CheatBook Database 2013 is a highly efficient application for creating cheat codes and hints that enable gamers to get additional benefits while playing games. The cheats are available to users from a single program and can be used for various platforms that include personal computers, Playstation, DVD, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Walkthroughs, Gameboy Color, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Super Nintendo, Sega, N-Gage, Xbox, Xbox 360, Sony PSP, Gamecube, iPhone, Dreamcast and Wii U.

The application has a database of more than 21500 games and supports recent releases and all genres. The list of games is available in alphabetical order in the left hand side window. Once a user clicks on the name of the game in the list, an editor window appears that has the cheat code displayed in it. Users can copy, print or make and save changes to the cheat code. The application has a separate section for solution and supports easy edits to the cheat codes. Users can easily store images and files from the application, which can be used at a later time. The program has simple filters and displays statistics about the various cheat codes available in the database.

Additionally, the application has a useful search engine and link manager. It provides news and updates to the users and has multiple skin options. Users can have their own private database and can import their old cheat code database. The software supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98 and Windows 95. The application has all cheat codes from the first CheatBook from January 1998.


SuperCheats is an application similar to CheatBook. This software also supports creation of cheats and codes for several games. The application supports several platforms and its database incorporates a huge number of questions and answers, strategy guides and other help files including FAQs. The program supports latest versions of the games and is easy to use even for new users.


CheatBook 2013 is a highly useful database application that supports creation of thousand of cheat codes. Users can generate cheats for various platforms and can save them for later use. The easy to operate search engine makes it easy to find a particular code for a specific game. The application has a huge repository of codes and maintains the database of all the codes from its launch in 1998.


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