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CDex is a free and fully functional software that converts audio tracks and WAV files into MP3 format (encoding), converts WAV file formats back into MP3 format (Decoding) and rips audio tracks from Compact Discs onto the computer. The application is easy to use as new users are fast to catch on the functionality of its various aspects. As internet freeware, CDex is a small download which makes it convenient owing to the fact that it meets the needs of its users.


To start using CDex begin by downloading the latest version of the application from the official CDex website and the latest stable version of LAME from Rarewares MP3 page. The application installer is available in more than forty languages including translations. CDex’s primary function is CD ripping. In essence this means to extract audio files from a Compact Disc and convert them into standard computer sound files. CDex comfortably converts audio CDs into WAV, MP3, Vorbis and APE formats among many others. The ripper extracts the files by copying the audio data and duplicating them as computer formats.
The application provides the option to rip a portion of an audio track which is a valuable tool for music production among other activities. Renowned for producing MP3 files CDex converts audio tracks and WAV files into MP3 format. The encoding process is fast with high quality sounding results. To achieve this simply choose a WAV file to or CD track to be converted and click ‘convert to MPEG’ in the settings menu. Encoding options include encoding MP3s from 128kbps to 256kbps. The higher the kilobit per second the larger the files. Larger files are cumbersome to use online. The normalize option allows volume increase to the maximum for users who have digital headroom. CDex also has an MP3 decoder that converts MP3 formats into WAV files.


There are numerous audio converting software available on shareware websites today EAC being one of the more competitive ones. CDex, however, is the preferred application for audio conversion as the program is very stable and it is also bug free. CDex allows CD-Text to accompany ripped tracks. With no effort at all one can label songs with titles, names of the composing artists and names of albums.


As a ripping software CDex is as a 3 star free application that can be compared to no other. As an application CDex is complete with an MP3 encoder, decoder and CD ripper. Download the latest stable version of CDex from any shareware website or the official CDex website for the satisfaction of all your audio converting needs.


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