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In olden days, people who had the coding ability were able to access the code related files. But, nowadays some software had proved that, even a normal person who has zero coding ability can perform such operations. CDBF – DBF Viewer and Editor is such an example. A person who has no coding skills can use the database files easily and work with them.


CDBF-DBF Viewer and Editor is a comprehensive database viewer and DBF file editor software. This program has a simple graphical user interface (GUI) where the viewers can view, edit and modify changes to any field or table in the database. Other than DBF files, some of the other formats supported by this application are dBase IV, Visual FoxPro, dBase III, FoxPro and dBase Level 7 formats. The database tables can be printed or they can be exported to text format, DBF files, MS Excel format (.xls), FoxPro source files (.prg) and Clipper and SQL Server scripts (.sql) without using any third-party extensions and apps. This also comes with an integrated designer, that lets the users create great looking database reports.

The user can also browse the drives and folders to locate the supported files in a separate window. This program shows the path to the currently opened file and the user can take a note of it if needed. The database structure can also be separately edited or modified. Those database structures can be saved for later use and loaded when they are needed.

Apart from this, the application allows the user to sort the tables in ascending or descending order based on any of the provided information. Other database operations such as case conversions, deletion of duplicate records can be performed. Filters can be easily applied and can used to filter the particular fields. Some advanced functionalities such as go to record (that allows the user to reach a particular field in the database table) advanced search functions, calculator, auto fill and much more are available in this application.


Some alternatives of CDBF – DBF Viewer and Editor are DBFView, DBF Viewer 2000, and DBF Manager. DBF Viewer 2000 and DBF Manager have a modern interface for the latest operating systems but, CDBF – DBF Viewer and Editor has only a normal or basic GUI interface which is not bad to work with. DBF Manager also has a simple GUI interface. But, DBF Manager can perform extraordinary actions such as editing one or more DBF files at the same time but with multiple tabbed windows opened on a single interface.


CDBF – DBF Viewer and Editor is simple and easy to use software. It is flexible, and by this, the third party plug-in can be integrated with it to increase the functionality which is especially used by the developers. Moreover, this program also provides encryption functionality that is lacked by other DBF managers and editors.


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