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Webcam are an essential add-on utility to monitor and record live video feed along with audio for archiving and later processing as required. These come in a verity of configurations that can be hard to manage manually. CamUniversal is a utility to manage the entire possible webcam configuration through local connections, direct I/O and through IP connections as well.


CamUniversal features a very simplistic user interface with large toolbar icon buttons, a menu bar for various options and a tabular layout to which lists the camera name, state, motion detection and other parameters. CamUniversal mainly supports three types of camera units. NetCams or IP-Cams which are accessible through IP addresses over the Internet over which it supports still picture mode or MPEG-4 format video streaming. Webcams through traditional linked hardware over USB, PS-2, TV tuner or other I/O interface are the second category that is supported. The final one is Remote Cams where the feed is received from remotely running instances of CamUniversal itself on another PC. It thus supports tethering of video over multiple remote cams. There is built-in support for motion detection with the option to set when to run the algorithms and for how long. Motion detection is also reactive where CamUniversal can be set to trigger certain actions such as sending emails, sending files to FTP servers and launching external programs. The built-in scheduler can be used to configure any kind of webcam task such as turning on/off, zooming/panning (if supported) and video capturing. This action scheduling is done for each individual camera and can also be applied globally. Picture captures through webcam supports the BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG and GIF formats and can be customized with rescaling, watermarks and timestamps.

Additionally, Video recording supports ASF, MPEG-4, WAV audio, and AVI video formats with support for WDM device capture. CamUniversal also comes with an integrated webserver that supports the HTTP protocol where video feeds can be serviced over the Internet. The supported languages include English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Danish, Chinese, and Hungarian. It is supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8 along with Server editions with .NET framework 4 installations.


WebcamXP Pro is a very similar tool for Windows that provides surveillance ability with motion detection and action triggers along with IP cameras as well. However, it does not support remote instances nor an integrated web server like CamUniversal and is thus lacking in this front. iSpy is yet another alternative worth comparing but has almost deficiencies like webcamXP thus handing over CamUniversal a clear advantage.


CamUniversal is a complete solution with tons of features. Almost all possible webcam setups are supported (over LAN, IP or local I/O) and have built-in motion detection. The software also can record images and videos in a variety of format including an integrated task scheduler and a HTTP server as well.


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