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Calibre is an e-book library management applications intended to edit, view and manage e-books for the user. It is free and open source windows application with much more features that an e-book reader should possess. Users can do a variety of jobs from reading an eBook to converting it to other format using this application.


Calibre is a program developed to manage collection of eBook across users system. Its main objective is to let users read their eBook files directly without being able to browse for a particular eBook in their hard drives; that is an effective library management. However, there is a lot more that adds to the features of this spectacular software. Calibre automatically sorts the different eBook on the basis of tags like ‘Title’, ‘Author’, ‘Series’, ‘Rating’ and so no, this is particularly important in case title is not known. Users can also connect their various eBook servers online to download or read from the web and there is also an option of converting the web pages to eBook format. It supports all major eBook reader devices, and users can synchronize their devices using this software. Besides all of these major features, its basic features include a comprehensive eBook reader that allows viewing and editing of the eBooks. Interface is quite simple and well preformed, all of the major functions are highlighted on the main screen making it much simpler to use for first time user.


Main objective of calibre is to allow its users to view, edit and manage eBook files on their computer systematically and effectively. There are a variety of other applications that do more or less the same function of being a viewer and editor. But when these applications are compared with calibre for further advances features like conversion; calibre leads other applications. There are some key functions that make calibre a unique application like sync to a reader device, conversion to some other formats like doc, pdf, etc. and management of files based on tags like rating, author, etc. All of these features are not found in a single application, making calibre a better option.


However, Calibre was designed as an eBook library management tool, its features expanded beyond just being an eBook reader and manager as users can do a variety of other jobs using this spectacular application. Application offers a conversion tools, reading tools and a synchronizing tool to transfer files to a reading device, due to all of these distinct features it has gained much of the users interest. It has a simple interface, though there are times when your overall system performance might degrade while converting a huge eBook. Despite of these minor errors, it is a very effective application of its kind.


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