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Caffeine is a software that basically keeps your computer awake. Every time your computer starts to get into sleep mode, this software initiates a key press event leading to the inactivation of the sleep mode event and keeping the system awake. Metaphorically, this software doses awake your computer with a cup of coffee every 59 seconds to prevent it from going into the sleep mode.


Caffeine is a very lightweight and user handy utility that won’t let your computer to get into the sleep mode. It does this via the blocking of the sleep mode activation and the deactivation of the screensaver. This is of great use, as there are moments when you get busy doing things and forget what’s on the system which later might lead to loss of contents. Also, activation of sleep modes continuously may be an irritating factor in high pressure jobs. Caffeine is there to give that cup of coffee to your computer to keep it active all the time. The application is very simple to handle as it quietly sits on the application table and an icon of coffee can be seen on the control panel or the menu bar. It never interferes with the work that is going on and just intervenes once the sleep mode is on the brink of getting activated. The features allow the configurations to be changed according to one’s wish with different times of getting activated and dosing the computer with a waking call. Also, the Shift key emulation can be done instead of the F15 combination.


Caffeine has had wide implications due to its super active role providing its incremental use in offices and call centres whereas, you need to keep your computer awake during most of the times. Other such software are also present but with limited features. Strong competition is from other software like ‘mouse jiggler’, ‘Don’t sleep’ but Caffeine allows the user to change its settings in a multiple way and giving the user zero interference with the current work that is going on. Caffeine look alike has been launched by many developers and every other software shows its various features leading to changes in the configuration settings and features.


What comes via all the features and assessment is the fact that caffeine is one of the most developed software when it comes to keeping the system active during rigorous work and making sure that important contents are not lost. This adds to maintain system stability and keep the work to go on a continuous basis rather than irritating sleep interventions. Seriously, a dose of coffee can keep the world awake, and same hold true using this application.


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