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Business Card Studio is a paid software tool that allows you to create personalised business cards in a single go. This is the best tool available when you are in a fix regarding which shops to visit so that they can help you in creating business cards. This application is available for all versions of Windows OS including Windows Vista, Windows XP,  Windows 7 and 8 (32/64bit).


Business Card Studio helps you to make your business cards along with a wide variety of options at your disposal. There exists a collection of predefined modes to choose from or you can always create a new model of card which you might like. Each option has further editing options which provide you with a great dimension of choices.

For instance, if you are working on your Name on the business card, there exist further options like font size, type of font, layout and other options. With Business card studio, you can add all the details about your name, your company, address, contact details including the email address as well. You can also add your image for a digitalised copy of the new generation business card.

This software accepts images stored on your PC from a wide range of formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, ICO and EMG. However, the user interface of this application is bit more difficult to get used to in the beginning stages.


There are other softwares on the Internet that work as substitutes to Business card studio. These software tools include Business Card Composer, Business Card Designer, Business Card shop and Spring Publisher. Business Card Composer has an extra option of creating calling cards and badges with almost all the other options similar to Business Card Studio. On the other hand, Business Card Designer provides professional backgrounds and a wide range of printing options. Among all the software tools meant for card designing, Business Card Designer is the fastest one but with a limited number of editing options on the whole. Business Card Studio is the recommended software online with its multiple interfaces and various options to choose from.


Business Card Studio is the best suitable tool to create attractive business cards within a very short span of time. There have been updates recently ensuring the efficient use of hard disk space and a high processing speed. If you want to create a simple business card sitting in front of your computer, Business Card Studio is the best tool for you.


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