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BulletsPassView is a complete solution and a flexible option that makes the secret passwords available beneath the bullets. It can be useful if you have missed them in some occasion. The tool works fine with many browser options as well like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, dialup and other connectivity options.


The application doesn’t really need any installation process. The user is having flexibility for putting the program files at any location, or external drive. It gets started as you press the executable file to run.

In addition, there is the option available for sending the BulletsPassView to any USB flash disk or any memory device like this to make it enabled for usage through any system.It is here to mention that the BulletPassView never makes fresh entries inside the Windows panel, neither anywhere inside Menu bar. It keeps HDD smooth post any kind of removal.

The base is presented through a conventional window having a smooth and user-friendly structure. In the interface the passwords are straight presented as starting. The window heading and password can be manipulated along with the fields, operation name, and path and detail description. Once the initial steps carried out, the line-up is sent in the form of HTML structure for additional check processes. In addition, the users are having the option for copying the options to the Clipboard. You can have the option to set the size bars, have a look at each option characteristics, remove the password line-up, etc. There remains a searching option while going through huge number of information, pointing even and odds, presenting grids, and many others.


There are similar options available like BulletPassView. You can take the example of Password Managers and Generators. The application has various options to deal with your password, and it works with operating systems like Windows 7/8/XP, etc. Another such application can be Password Manager XP Professional that can store password for various accounts and applications. It consumes only 3.1 MB of system space and works fine with all Windows operating system platforms.


On a whole, BulletPassView is a trustable option for those who want to keep the record of saved passwords over the system. The best part about BulletsPassView is that it puts least effect over the system processing. The tool needs the least amount of processor and RAM to do things well. There is absolutely no issue with error reports or any sort of bug fixes, and takes only 54 KB of system space. It has been thoroughly tested for the purpose in a system, and there is absolutely no issue of hang or plug-in.


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