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BulkFileChanger is a useful application that allows users to change the attributes of the files on their computer. Users can change attributes such as the date and time of the file creation, modification and the last accessed dates. The files can be selected from multiple folders and the attributes can be changed concurrently.


BulkFileChanger is a high utility application that allows for easily changing the attributes of specific files. The program enables users to select multiple files, even from several different folders and add them to the application window. The files can be added by selecting them through windows explorer, copying and pasting them, drag and drop method or by using the wildcard method.

Several attributes of the files can be changed with primarily being those associated with the date and time of the files. Users can change the date and time of the creation of the files or their modification and access times and dates. The application allows batch processing and the files can be modified with the specified date and time attributes.

The application program is portable and therefore does not require installation on any local machine. It can be transferred using an external storage device such as a USB drive and can be copied on any computer. The software does not modify the Windows Registry and can be directly used from the external storage devices. This means that there is no trace of the software that remains once it has been removed from the computer. Since the application is portable, it does not require any type of installation. The program has an intuitive interface and even new users can very easily use the application with high level of efficiency. The program requires low amount of system resources and does not adversely affect the system resources. It supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Attribute Changer is an application similar to BulkFileChanger. The application allows for easily modifying the attributes of a file such as the time stamp and the date. The application is easy to install and use and once installed, users can use the right click option to access the program. By right clicking on the files or folders, they can change the attributes of those files and folders. The application allows changing of the date, time, file types such as read only and hidden and other similar attributes of the files.


BulkFileChanger is an efficient application for changing the attributes of files. Users can add multiple files to the application window and can choose to change their dates and times. The time and date pertaining to the access, modification and creation of the files can be changed by using this application. The files can be added from multiple sources for their attributes to be modified.


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