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BowPad is an excellent application that lets the user having a better hand with the source code. The best part about the application is that it works fine with a huge range of programming languages.  Especially, this is a fine application for the larger projects as it offers a better protection and storage facility in comparison with the others. In addition, the application involves a smooth interface as well.


Code editors are often overloaded by various other baffling applications and plugs. However, this is found to be pretty useful especially while dealing with larger memory related works. It generally deals with processing departments like compilares, and others.  However, those who want simply to have a look and change some code files at once, then the additional sections function simply make the process lazy and pretty baffling as well while handling.

  • Multitasking – This is like a one stop solution for various programming platforms.The application BowPad Portable lets the user in having a look and bringing changes with any sort of file. It may be programming languages like Javascript, dot net, or other high-end platforms like Java.
  • User-Friendly nature – The tool is acapable of spontaneously finding the language taken into account along the file. In addition, you can deal with the major customization options to be appropriate for the present codes. In addition, it can be blended with the tag lines with the code for the specialised buttons those bring changes with chosen text into comment segment.
  • Customized – In case you find it difficult while going through a particular word, the tool lets to take the help of web for the purpose. Being specific, it makes you available with the Wikipedia. However, the specification can’t be made available over the native base of the application. It has to open a distinct tab for the purpose. However, it is still awesome in terms of speed in comparison to the genuine search. The special parts can be marked, and you can shift from one to other part through a button that makes it really nice to deal with bigger projects.


There are many similar options like Geany, or you can take the example of Notepad++ as well. However, the BowPad is a top recommendation for its sleek interface and enhanced specs. Especially, this is a product for the experienced developers those have to deal with larger projects.


The application is a useful tool for any programmer who looks for a handy option in viewing and working with different kinds of source. It involves one of the simplest interfaces that lets the user in focussing completely on the project without any kind of issues in between. You really don’t need to go for the installation of the app to complete the task.


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