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Booknizer is a book reader or specifically a library management application to store audio and electronic books on disk. It can be considered as a universal tool for the people who love to read books on their computers, as it automatically finds and keeps the updates of the electronics books stored onto its library. There are several other major features that this book organizer application consists of.


Booknizer is a library management application for people who love to read books on their computers. It helps its users to find all the e-books stored on their computers, this is the main objective following which the application was made. However, it does a variety of other jobs too. Its user interface is very simple and easy to use, consisting of big icons making it friendly too. The options in the interface is cleverly arranged so as to get most out of it in less time. Using this application is rather simple, once installed open the application and click on ‘Add Book’. You can now add a file using using hard drive or just type in the title of the book to search over internet. There are several other features around this major task.

Users can add books by title or barcode or from internet, also there is a built in file scanner that lets users scan book using scanner. Audio books can also be imported into it as it supports all the major audio formats. With this applications several editions of the same book can be managed easily, also all the information about the book and its author can be extracted from the online resources using this application. In case of user being not aware of the title of the book, although author is known; book can be searched using the author’s name. The search options can also be customized and users can chose which search engine to use. As it support audio file there is an inbuilt player, in case, file is not supported there is also an option of exporting the file to some other external player. There are several other features such as sorting by name, author, title, type etc; password protecting the library and much more.


Booknizer is a book organizer application. It helps its users to organise the e-book library across their computers. There are many other great features that this book reader possesses besides just managing the library. There are many applications that fall into its category of book reader, although it is not a book reader alone. Using this application, users can find new book and play audio book too, which is an all in one solution for book lovers. These features make this application distinct from all of the other similar applications.


A book organiser app consists of all of tools that would be required to read e-books. Talking about Booknizer, it is more than just an e-book reader as it can also be used to play audio books. On comparing this application with other similar e-book reader and organiser, Booknizer is found to be leading other applications as it has great added functions.


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