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Microsoft’s Windows operating system is one of the largest used OS around the world, which provides a solid base with tons of software. However, it is not without fault of its own. Occasionally the drivers, which are responsible for making the OS talk to the hardware, fail due to various reasons. If the driver is a critical part of the OS then the OS crashes unable to continue execution and you get a BSOD – Blue Screen of Death. The Blue Screen basically displays some information regarding critical failure including dumping the information about the fault in dump files (if configured to do so). However, without the proper tools, it is very difficult to analyze the information. BlueScreenView is one such software that reads these dump files and displays the reason leading to the crash in tables for further diagnostics.


The software features a familiar menu based windows interface with two panes stacked vertically. The top pane displays information about the time, the reason, bug check code and the drivers that caused the problem. The lower pane displays the exact information of the drivers and system calls issued with the fault at exact addresses that occurred. On starting the software it automatically displays all the crash dumps and the associated data. It allows the user to rewind to the Blue Screen that was last seen at the time of crash. It enumerates all memory addresses and drivers associated in failure along with the facility to see the crash dump for another Windows installation by selecting the right folder. The driver information including associated hardware, vendors, install dates and updates installed are located and displayed accordingly. The software works for Windows XP and up to 8.1 provided the dump file generation is enabled in Windows, which is easy to do.


There are few software that provide the exact functionality as provided by BlueScreenView. WhoCrashed is one such software that reveals the exact drivers involved in BSOD and similarly to BlueScreenView providing identical functionalities. WhatIsHang is a software that specially helps when Windows OS is not responding due to overload or critical failure.


BlueScreenView is an excellent freeware and utility software that intends to recover all BSOD crash related data, including the drivers involved, the system messages generated and the memory addresses involved. It does it via a neatly stacked table based interface without any complexities. Further, multiple installations can be examined if required.


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