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When writing a computer program, you need an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which will save you time and effort in your project. One of the most popular IDE today is Bloodshed Dev-C++ also known as the Dev-C++ in short.


This is actually a full-featured IDE used with the C or C++ programming language. Under the Bloodshed Dev-C++ full featured IDE, you can easily create a Windows or a console-based C or C++ program using the MinGW, Cygwin, or other GCC based compiler systems. It is written in Delphi and can handle Insight Debugger. The software is mainly used to create software in C++ language. It comes with all the standard features for writing, debugging, compiling, and executing different types of programs written in C.

One important feature of the Bloodshed Dev-C++ is its use of DevPacks. These are packaged extensions in programming that provide additional libraries, utilities, templates, and other useful tools. Devpacks usually come packed with GUI utilities and toolkits including GTK+, FLTK, and wxWidgets among others. Dev-C++ furthermore allows users to download extra libraries such as graphics, animations, sounds, compressions and many more to increase and enhance the scope of their IDE functionality. Other important features include integrated debugging using GDB, support for various GCC-based compilers, ability to support multiple languages, an attractive class browser, a debug variable browser, capacity for code completion, an efficient project manager, and a syntax highlighting editor that is fully customizable.


In comparison to other IDE platforms such as wxFormBuilder 3.0.57, VectorC, and C++ Code Export 1.0.0, the Bloodshed Dev-C++ gets the best user rating since it is available for free unlike the VectorC which comes with a trial version. It also scores highly in usability, ease of installation, and appearance. However, some users claim it does not allow them to download the earlier versions. This is probably because the current version has a different SourceForge page from the original beta version. Notably, an analysis of the current version of Bloodshed Dev-C++ in 30 antivirus programs showed that the IDE is safe from viruses.


Although Dev-C++ enables users to compose source code easily, it is meant for the hard core C++ programmers. It is mainly taken as a Windows-only program but there are plans to create a Linux version soon. In fact, some of its features such as header files as well as path delimiters can be switched from one platform to another with ease. The Dev-C++ is distributed under the GNU General Public License which means, unlike other Windows software, users can freely distribute and modify the IDE to their specifications. However, it is important to read and understand the full details of the license before making any modifications.


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