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BlogJet is a weblog utility software through which blog can be managed without opening a browser. It is the most advanced Windows blog editor and manager. A WYSIWYG interface is used to post the blogs directly from the desktop, which helps to format the texts, insert links, pictures, etc. So if you are looking forward to get the best of tools to post blogs without opening the browser, BlogJet is the one to pick.


A built-in sound recorder is available in the BlogJet which enables to record a voice message and post it to the blog as WAV file. This software is perfect for bloggers who have multiple accounts for different websites. It is designed for those who are more concerned with the editing and maintenance of the blog. One of the key features of BlogJet is post management and searching. The cache of the post is made by this software due to which post can be accessed easily while being offline. All the posts can be found easily with the option of instant search.

BlogJet is provided with the live word count which counts the number of words in a blog post. Also, the statistic feature incorporated in this helps to find lots of facts about the blog like the number of posts in the blog, average post length and number of posts published per day. There is option to store the post in the draft which can be completed and published afterwards. It is a convenient option especially when there is no internet connection.

BlogJet is provided with auto discovery RSD which means that this software configures itself automatically thus, one can work with the blog in less than a minute after installation by entering the address of the blog. Lots of funny graphics are provided in BlogJet which is a good replacement to text smiley. It is also provided with ‘Now Playing’ feature which detects the name of the artist and the title of the song which is played in the Windows Media Player currently.

The videos from YouTube and photos from Flicker can be inserted to the blog as these services are supported in this software. BlogJet is provided with an intuitive Account Wizard that helps to create a new blog or use an old one. It also helps to start the program right away. It is also facilitated with built-in word processor which helps to format the posts according to the choice without use of any specific skills. Fonts and colours can be changed and can be done with just one click.


The alternatives to BlogJet are Windows Live-Writer, BlogDesk, Post2blog and ScribeFire. Windows Live-Writer is the favourite blog editor and helps to create a new blog and add to the Writer. BlogDesk is used to write post in an easy manner and assists with its smart features but at times it gets complicated to use. Post2blog can be used to update the blog post without visiting the website and can write the post offline. ScribeFire acts as an extension to the browser and the post can be posted easily to the blog. But all these software don’t have all the features that BlogJet has.


It is a handy application which works with all the leading weblog services like Blogger, Blogware, MovableType b2, TypePad, DasBlog and pMachine. It is actually a new way to keep the blog right from the Windows without launching a browser. This application helps to write posts offline.


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