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BLAT is a free, small and efficient Windows based public domain utility that can be used to send emails, notifications and alerts in an email using the SMTP protocol. It can also be used to send binary files or content of files. It is best suited for sending messages automatically or for sending mails directly from the command line. It is compatible with any 32 bit and 64 bit windows operating system. BLAT can be used both as MTA and MUA, upon suitable configuration.


BLAT for Windows is highly versatile and efficient and has plenty of features, which make it an indispensible email utility tool for sending emails and notifications. Few features of BLAT include extra safety for sending mails via multithreaded programs and ordering of attachments is such that the embedded attachments come first. Some significant changes have been made in the header structure in the latest version.

BLAT is a highly versatile, simple to use and quick mailing utility tool that can be effectively put to use for sending files and messages to single or multiple clients using the SMTP protocol form single or multi threaded programs.

The “reply-type=original” can no longer be added to the message headers. Now, the whole server name or address can be added to the message id header in contrast to the earlier versions where only the domain name could be added to header. The buffer length can be set accordingly for sending binary files. Other features include encryption support, non requirement of filename for log and Unicode support calls to use CP_ACP. BLAT can be used without being installed into the system by storing some commands into the windows registry manually.


In comparison to its other contenders, it is much better in terms of reliability and has a higher satisfaction in terms of rating. A drawback of BLAT is that it uses command line for sending mails which is not much user friendly. Other similar softwares such as powershell can send mails directly from the software, which is almost like sending a regular mail and is a more inclusive approach for non technical users. Also, sometimes SMTP may not be readily available for every computer, so a separate might need to be loaded for faster mailing.


The guiding philosophy behind BLAT for Windows is that it should be small, fast, easy to use and RFC compliant. The software is updated regularly and caters to any requirement that the users may have. Maintaining the registry is given as an option and thus it can be run without installation. For judicial and professional use of the mailing service, it is very helpful and efficient software aimed at minimizing your efforts.


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