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BlackBerry Desktop Manager is a way of linking your BlackBerry device to your computer – you can use it to sync your organiser, music and media files from your BlackBerry tablet or phone to a PC or Mac. To link a smartphone it must have BlackBerry 7.1 OS or earlier installed on it. BlackBerry Desktop Manager for PC allows you to transfer email accounts and calendars, whereas for Mac, you can transfer contacts, calendars and appointments, as well as videos, iPhoto albums, and songs and playlists from iTunes.


BlackBerry Desktop Manager has all of the features which you would expect from software to sync devices and computers; simple, easy menus which allow you to use tools such as connecting, synchronising, managing and updating your BlackBerry device. A useful feature is that it tracks which applications you use the most and least on your smartphone – this is helpful if you are wanting to free up some space but do not know which applications or games to delete. You can also edit and delete applications from the Desktop Manager. Another feature is that you can set up automatic alerts which let you know when updates are available; this means you can download them instantly and keep your device up to date.
BlackBerry Desktop Manager is great in terms of compatibility as it works with Microsoft Outlook and Windows Calendar, as well as Yahoo and IBM Lotus Notes; this allows you to organise everything you need to via your BlackBerry device. BlackBerry Desktop Manager also comes with a device switch wizard, which helps you to change over to another BlackBerry device if you upgrade.

All smartphone and tablet devices these days are able to sync to your computer, so BlackBerry has done nothing new here. It can be quite slow and is prone to crashing, but then other similar software such as Samsung Kies can be quite temperamental and not always sync properly. BlackBerry Desktop Manager is easy to use and the software helps you to learn as you go, however it does appear to lose connection with the device quite often, meaning you often have to restart the transfer. BlackBerry Desktop Manager looks great though, and the software is helpful so it’s worth a try.


Whilst BlackBerry Desktop Manager isn’t the fastest piece of software out there, when it doesn’t lose connection it’s an easy way to transfer files from your device to your computer, as opposed to dragging and dropping files. It is available for both PC and Mac, meaning it is a flexible piece of software.


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