Bitdefender Total Security 2014

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The Bitdefender Total Security software is an application that offers proactive protection to your computer against harmful viruses and malware. It also has an extensive internet security feature that makes it a good application for use in computers that are used for internet access. This application will not only protect your computer from potential virus attacks but also enhance its speed and performance. A major selling point for this particular application is its simplistic nature and size. It generally occupies very little space and runs on very low bandwidth.


To make sure that the application is as effective as it should be, the designer of the application has included a host of features to enhance its functionality. Some of the unique features that are included in this application are security widgets, a universal serial buss immunizer, an active virus control and a very effective parental control feature among others. The parental control feature helps a user to set access control options for kids and other minors who might use the computer without close supervision. The vulnerability scanner helps the user to detect potential threats so that they can take necessary action to redeem their operating systems before things get out of hand. Uncontrolled access to your computer is always a big risk. This, however, will not be a major problem if you use Bitdefender Total Security because it has a two-way firewall that gives even better protection against unwanted intrusion.


There are many other virus protection software applications in the market with similar features. Some popular ones include Avast antivirus protection, AVG antivirus software and Norton among others. All these applications perform similar functions but the difference is in the features and system requirements for each to run.


Considering that there are so many similar applications to Bitdefender total security available on sale, it is good to point out the things that make this application unique. The small size is a major bonus considering that its counterparts are larger in size and occupy more space on your computer. The proactive nature also makes it a better choice for detecting potential threat.


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