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While working with the system it is always great to have an assessment tool near by, especially while working with crucial documents. On this context, Beyond Compare can be a fantastic tool that lets you with the option of smoothly marking differences in any scripts, technical aspects, and much more in a quite broader way.


This application is quite simple to use. The setup process can be done in a very short time and without any hassles coming on the way. It involves the most intuitive interface that makes you available with all sorts of options efficiently through a simple designing. There is the option available to handle multiple tasks either in distinct tabs the way you like.

The tool has several built-in comparing patterns under a single package. Going through a single session makes you available with many options like dealing with text, snaps, document files, players, etc. In accordance the way of accessing a new bar is made available with specialised control panels. The interface of this application is divided into a certain distinct parts. It distinguishes the different mismatches in different colour options. Also, there are colours available to distinguish on this regard as well.

The feature which makes it perfectly distinguishing is the built-in folder co-ordination which is being thoroughly associated. It involves a great setup that seeks simply to pick specific folders and go through a certain pattern. It can be set into any of the present arrangements, or physically go through the actions occurring with the different files.


WinMerge can be a very good option having similar functionalities. This made for Windows platform application can compare the files, and folders showing dissimilarities in various formats that can be easily understood. DiffMerge is another good tool having equivalent usability. It has been made for Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms. Made by Source Gear, the tool has been associated with Windows Explorer, and can be made available over the main menus for quick processing. The interface is intuitive and sleek as well.


Despite handling many tasks from your interface, the application consumes only 9.1 MB of system resource. There is no baffling set-up processes involved with the application as well. It can work well with Windows XP / Vista / Vista 64 bit / 7 / 7 64 bit / 8 / 8 64 bit / 2003 / 2008 platforms.


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