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Sometimes it is seen that many computer users are dissatisfied about the desktop organizers. It is because they are often very badly designed and are even more difficult to utilize than the Windows interface. But that is not the problem in case of Berokyo. At present, it is perhaps the best unique app of its type.


The interface of this program lets the user to arrange folders, apps, as well as shortcuts into the existing customizable cabinets, which are extremely smart. After a fast installation of the program, the user can note the quick launch menu meant for the first cabinet. It is better for the users to click at the tab of Help and Support, present in that menu and choose the Quick Start Guide to get some instructions. Although Berokyo is quite well organized for the most of the parts, it is best for the users to learn about the utilization of categories of the apps before setting up the primary cabinet.

Categories would be seen just as shelves in any cabinet, and it can be applied to organize things by type or by task. Categories may be full of subcategories, and these may be collapsed to display just a shelf along with a name until the user requires something in it. To insert anything to a category, the user would be able to drag and drop item, or even cut and paste them among the accessible things. Some of the pre-defined options may pull in administrative tools and some shortcut collections. If the user chooses a folder along with sub-folders within it, the user will be asked for how to manage the subfolders. It means that the user can attach the items of the subfolder as the subcategories, or add them to one major category or skip them. While searching a definite item of all those categories as well as subcategories the user can take the help of the search box, which is present at the top of every cabinet. Such cabinets will stay hidden automatically until the use of hotkeys. By pressing CTRL-10 as a hotkey, all the cabinets can be displayed.


Some of the alternative software of Berokyo is TreetopLights (an app, which keeps a Christmas tree at the desktop area and holiday lights on the screen edges) Desktopia (offers lots of free wallpaper, neatly arranged into categories), Disclib (it is a program to arrange and catalog the CD collection), SoftoCAT, etc.


Berokyo is a desktop organizing program and quick launcher app that permits the user to have a control over the desktop and arrange all the preferred and frequently used apps, databases and web pages into more than one, 3D customizable cabinets that are multi-shelf. Moreover, it allows the user to search the web fast by means of the major search providers, comprising YubNub. In short, it has come up with manifold essential attributes to make the task easy for the users.


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