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Belarc Advisor is system utility application that allows its users to have full detailed analysis of their system hardware and software’s. It gives a comprehensive overview of all the hardware and software components installed onto user’s computer. It automatically detects all the components whether hardware or software and builds a complete profile of the same and presents it to the user. There are many great features in this application such as benchmarking, updating, etc.


Belarc Advisor is simple application that builds a complete profile of the software and hardware present in the user’s computer. The profile includes details of network inventory, Microsoft hot fixes, Antivirus databases, security benchmarks and such hardware and software resources. Once the profile is built, the application generates a report viewable in the browser; this can be viewed offline too. Main function of this application is to provide descriptive information of a particular machine, so as to compare it with some other. Belarc Advisor installs easily without any errors. At the start-up, the application invokes taking some time to gather all the information needed. The application scans the user’s machine to gather all the information whether the program version or the product key, along with the hardware details such as Processor installed, RAM, etc.

There is not any user interface involved in the application as it displays the results on the default browser of the machine. The information so created is well organized into groups and further into lists. On further opening the links users can find all the related information, for instance in case of Processor; processor type, name, architecture, number of cores, manufacturer, etc., will the information available. In case of any application, it will list product key, version, manufacturer, etc. This is quite useful as when comparing two machines for a specific application such as gaming word processing, audio processors, etc.


Belarc Advisor is a system utility to provide benchmarking information to compare two or more systems. There are many other applications that do the same common task. However, the variations in various applications arise on the basis of the features that these applications provide. When there is a case of having comprehensive system information, this application works out to be the best. However, if user desires to have the in depth information then this application might not be the appropriate choice. There are many other applications in the same category of apps such as Everest Home Edition, Sisoft Sandra, etc. All of these applications provide more detailed system information.


Choosing between two machines for a particular application is quite a hard task, and to make it simpler, benchmarking tools are used. One such tool is Belarc Advisor. It is a simple application that gathers all system information and displays it using default browser of the system. It provides a comprehensive system overview for both professionals and novice. However, this might not be a useful application for the users searching for a more detailed analysis of their system. For this, there are other certain applications. Thus, Belarc Advisor lags as compared to other such application in case of user desiring more information, although for comprehensive information it is the best to use.


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