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BCwipe is a military grade erasing tool which is used to remove sensitive information permanently so that it can be beyond recovery. It can be used in various version of Microsoft operating including latest version Windows 8 and 8.1. It is used in various fields such as military agencies, national laboratories, universities, industrial manufacturers, government offices, etc. The software has an intuitive layout, a simple interface and is user-friendly. It is a privacy software designed to run automatically using transparent wiping technology.


  • It can annihilate contents of the whole hard drives, partition tables, boot records, and file system structures, operating system files and user files.
  • Delete with wiping by using this command in the content menu of the “My Computer” Window. You can delete or wipe a single file or folder, or a group of selected files or folders.
  • Wipe Swap File is a Windows file used for virtual memory support. A file can be copied into the swap file on your hard disk in an open unencrypted form. It offers an option to wipe the unused portions of the swap file to ensure you with total security.
  • If a file was deleted using a standard operating system command, you can wipe the free unused space on the disk where the file was stored and such so that all the previously deleted file contents are erased.
  • Some other features are BCwipe Task Manager, directory entries wiping, wiping a whole hard drive, Hexadecimal File Viewer, wiping Compressed or Encrypted Files, etc.


BCwipe is an average privacy software. Some other forms of better software available in the market are CyberScrub Privacy Suite and ParetoLogic Privacy Controls. It has nominal privacy effectiveness, a set of good features, a below-average ease of usage and a poor help and support centre system. One significant flaw of BCwipe is that its interface is slightly confusing.

BCwipe’s strengths include a large number of wiping protocols which allows the user to define their own thereby, mixing and matching random and cyclic data over a user-defined series of passes. Limitations of BCwipe are that it allows only one pass wiping, Nag screen and a 21-days trial.


BCwipe is a set of tools which helps to provide security by making sure that the deleted files are actually gone. BCwipe overwrites the space that was previously occupied by the files with various schemes of random data. It runs in the background and maintains a clean PC. Although it can be used to wipe internet browsing, it is not best suited for stealthy browsing. BCwipe’s biggest advantage is that it provides four different types of encryption algorithms and up to 35 passes.



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