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BCArchive can be a quite efficient option if someone is in a hunt of assist for the encrypt work. In addition, it guides you in effectively squeezing crucial data. Hence, you can transfer your entire information in a secured way.


  • Sleek interface and User-friendly

The best part of the application is that it is damn simple to handle. You really don’t need to wait too long; neither has it involved accessing too many parts of your system for the purpose. Once the installation is finished, a pretty sleek and customized interface appears for you. There appears a menu option, some extra icons, and specified structure for making you available with the complete detail.

In addition, you will be made available with the assisting materials as well. These stuffs guide you in a complete way so that starting from the beginners to experts all can deal with it in an effective way.

  • Flexible enough to deal with various encrypts:

It is quite a flexible option for the users. It lets you with options to pick from any password powered encryption pattern. The best part is that all they can deal with huge varieties of algorithms. In case of password powered encryption you will be having the option to handle key algorithms like IDEA, CAST5, Blowfish, and many others much popular options. On the other hand, the public method makes you available with the option of dealing with a public key generator.

  • The useful Settings

Upon customizing the entire set of arrangements, the user will be having the option of uploading the entire files and encrypts they wishes to secure through the file browser. You have to go with this option as there is no drag and put option available built in with it. These entire set of information is going to be shown over the main window in addition with complete information like name, shape, classification, proportion, an defined time.

Apart from this, you will be having the option of renaming, removing or keeping enclosed and at the same time going through a search pattern to have a look over root or present directories.

  • Least Resource

Despite handling the crucial information the application consumes really less resources. It consumes only 4 MB of your system resource.


There are many other similar options available over the web as of it, however, BcArchive is a much favoured option when it comes about dealing with important system information. It is a tested option free from malwares, bugs, or viruses.


BCArchive application is an excellent option to make responsible for your protection of the crucial information from the rivals. It consumes least resources of your system and keeps it safe from evil eyes as well.


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