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Bat-to-Exe is a freeware for converting the batch files (.bat) to executable files (.exe). Developed by F2KO software this simple yet easy application is there to convert batch files into executable files easily.


The looks of this application are very simple with an intuitive interface so that you do not have a tough time looking for all the options. Getting familiar with the app does not take much time. The installation part is quite similar to every other software you have installed in the past. The file is very small and after the installation it does not take much of your hard disk space and neither, it uses your system’s RAM while it is functioning and It is quite fast. The users can choose any batch file and get their desired output- all this can be done right from the main screen with a very little effort. The application also have the option to create a visible or an invisible application from the Options tab. It also enables the users to encrypt their file with a password for added protection. The command-line interface gives users much more control over the software. With this converter, user can even convert the script files to 32 bit or 64 bit executable files for different OS. There are several customization options where the users can explore more. It allows choosing a particular icon, including the product version, developer’s name, and company name for the generated executable file. The output file can be generated in English or German.

Bat-to-Exe Converter supports multiple languages and also other language files can be added externally. Bat to Exe converter is available on various Windows OS including Windows 8. The software gets regular updates for further support and smooth functioning. The recent updates included the support for Polish and Cyrillic Serbian and also few changes were made to make it more user friendly.


There are several other applications in this genre that can be compared to Bat-to-Exe Converter. Quick batch File Compiler, Advanced Bat to Exe converter and BatExe are some of the popular applications to convert batch script files to executable files apart from Bat to Exe Converter. The user interface is not much intuitive when it comes to the other applications. But Bat-to-Exe converter can be used by anyone without any particular knowledge about how such type of application works.


No matter how varied the functioning may be, the main thing is simplicity. Most of the options are there in the main menu, unlike the other similar apps in the category. Additionally, it is a very light weight application with fast and responsive output.


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