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Bandizip is a free archiver application which allows its users to view, compress and decompress zip and other compressible file formats. It supports almost all formats as ZIP, TAR, 7Z, RAR, ISO, CAB, etc. This application allows users to smartly adjust the settings to get the best results while compressing a file.


Bandizip is a light weight compression tool that can compress and decompress files in various formats that it supports. These formats are ZIP, RAR, CAB, 7Z, LZH, UNIX files formats TAR, GZ, TGS, LZMA and CS related formats ISO, IMG. Using this application JAR, WAV and XPI formats can also be decompressed. It works superfluous taking less amount of disk space and RAM usage, it also has a fast compressing algorithm included in the package making compression and decompression fast and smooth.

It has drag and drop option allowing users to add the files in the archive by simply dropping the files to the specified archive. Interface is quite different to what has already been seen in other similar apps. Files can be compressed or decompressed, however it doesn’t have any file manager built in for viewing the files. Using this application is simple, just select the file(s) to be archived and create a new. There are several options that user can select such as file type, splitting algorithm, compression level and also a password security. It can also be programmed to delete the files after files have been archived successfully. A self-extracting archive can also be created using this application; such archives are for professional use. A previous archived can also be previewed and the comments included in it can also be changed.


A compression tool is an application that allows it users to collectively archive files for later use, generally this is done to save space of your hard drives. Also, archiving specified files secured them from a virus attack as virus and other such programs cannot enter archived files. There are many such applications other than Bandizip as WinZip, Winrar, peazip, etc. All of these applications are more or less similar, differences arises in their compatibility and pricings. Bandizip is a freeware application while other applications are not free entirely. There are some features that this application lacks in as compared to some others such as file manager. Besides this, it contains all of the features that would be expected form a compression tool.


Bandizip is light weight compression tool used for creating archives. There is a lot more stuff that this application performs in the same context. It has all necessary features that would be expected form a compression tool such as archiving, extracting, adding password, etc. Also, it supports all major compressed file formats such as zip, rar, iso and many others. However, it lags other similar applications in some features such as built in file manager which is missing in the application.


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