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It is quite often seen that we get stuck into a situation where we want to record our activity ongoing on the system, or recording a portion of an event in gameplay. Record from external devices is definitely cumbersome and Windows do not provide any facility to meet such a need. Bandicam is the tool to the rescue. It enables the user to record the activity on the screen of the system, or a portion of it, or any application which uses the technology of DirectX graphics.


Bandicam is a software that can provide facility to record videos of the screen with excellent compression ratios. Along with this, Bandicam ensures that the quality of the clip is maintained similar to the original work to provide best results. Most important aspect of the software is the ability to record actions being performed at the screen. It sports recording of almost every game including WOW, Minecraft, etc. or anything on a system’s screen display. There have been software with limited video codecs available, but Bandicam possesses a variety of codecs, from MPEG-4 to MJPEG and H.264 too. The support for such a large variety of video codec formats lets the application to produce videos in various extensions, some of which being AVI, MP4 and FLV. The audio layers supported are MPEG-I layer II and PCM, which is generally not of a great use. Bandicam by default provides a H.264 encoder, which is specifically hardware accelerated. These encoders can be further taken down to the categories of Nvidia encoder and Intel Quick Sync H.264 encoder. The software is not just limited to video recording. The image capturing can be efficiently and accurately done for streaming videos and ongoing games. The image formats supported are JPG, BMP and PNG, and it sports continuous capturing of images!


Camtasia Studio is a software similar to Bandicam. Not to compare, but Bandicam scores way more points than the former, for its unparalleled performance, support for video codecs except the commonly used H.264 and audio encryption quality. The compression ratio of Bandicam is quite impressive and gives close to same quality as of the original clip provided by the system.


Bandicam is undoubtedly a must have tool for anybody who needs to show off any move in a game, display spectacular records or process any information to the web by recording activities on the computer screen. Options to record video in different codecs, and in multiple audio formats gives the user a lot of options. Image capturing is considered a difficult task, especially in the middle of a game, which is eased down by Bandicam.


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