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Most of our life today is recorded in digital media instead of print for instant access from our PC, laptops and smartphones. Loss of such data is often catastrophic without full recovery and memories are lost. Backup4all is a Windows backup client which automates backup processes to recover data in case of disk failures.


Backup4all follows a Microsoft Office style ribbon-based UI with various options as panes showing various jobs, file types, explorer pane and other options. Backup is done specific to file types in order to optimize for speed and block level backup feature only backs up blocks which are modified to save bandwidth. Online backup support includes remote location with FTP and SSL, SFTP, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure as well with version tracking support which lets the user restore any previous versions at will. Offline backup includes data writing to CD/DVD and Blu-ray disks, which can be performed by Backup4all itself without any third party software (due to built-in burning engine). Files are backed up in ZIP format with support for ZIP64 and 256 bit AES encryption. The backup engine uses Volume Shadow Copy service of Windows, which lets the software backup for even opened files as well as Outlook mails. Backup types include full backup, differential backup (only changes are backed up), incremental backup (version based) and mirror backup. The backups are treated as jobs and on finishing, popup notifications are displayed to users with job status along with support for custom emails with backup logs. Jobs can be scheduled to run at any time with repetition to automate the backup process.

Additionally, predefined backup locations are provided such as My Documents, Pictures, Videos and Browser/Application settings. The software is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 along with a portable version which does not require any installation per se. The software is available in 4 versions – professional, standard, lite and portable (with varying features).


Windows 8 features built-in OneDrive integration for backup but lacks features such as versioning and encryption and can only backup to OneDrive cloud service. Apart from this, there are many alternatives such as Duplicati–an open-source backup client that supports numerous protocols such as WebDAV, FTP, SFTP/SCP/SSH, Amazon S3, Rackspace, etc. Cobian Backup for Windows is multi-threaded application to support custom parallel backup operations. Areca Backup is another cross-platform client that supports both online and offline backup services, being almost similar to Backup4all. Create Synchronicity is yet another open-source backup client with almost identical feature set.


Backup4all is a standard backup application for Windows with S3 and Azure support and versioning – which will surely appeal to IT admins and corporate houses. Various backup modes will be appreciated by all professional and power users. The built-in DVD/CD burning software is a great addition and so is support for SFTP, ZIP64 and 256-bit AES.


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