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Maintaining huge swath of digital data and an up-to-date backup among various locations is difficult to manage manually and errors are bound to happen. BackUp Maker is a tool, which aims at simplifying the task along with providing security and data integrity to the backup operations.


BackUp Maker features an immersive user interface with lots of chrome and a unique toolbar, which is very different from traditional Windows interface but is functional and very easy to use. BackUp Maker creates backup in PkZip format, which supports archives larger than 4 GB and provides password protection as well. Strong encryption with AES 256-bit is provided for data integrity. The backup target mediums supported are CD/DVD and Blu-Ray, FTP server uploads, PASV, FTP with resume support, USB drives, and Local area network drives and computers. The backup can be split as well to multiple mediums without any further adjustments and the software does all the management. Backup modes supported include full/partial backup, incremental backup, archive file backup and automated backup generation in response to file/directory change and with respect to set interval. Further automation support includes backup operations on Windows login/logoff operations, USB device status change, in periodic intervals. File selection can be done via attributes to filter out unneeded files and reduce bandwidth usage. Backup operations can be assigned to various activities to perform before or after backup completion along with backup log email. Backups can be verified with hash and reports can be created as well. The software also supports VSS (Volume Shadow Service) to backup locked or opened files. Backup restoration is integrated as well. Language support includes English, German, French, Dutch and Portuguese. The software is currently available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and Server editions 2003 and 2008.


There are numerous software that provides such backup facilities. Duplicati is an open-source application, which supports numerous protocols including Amazon S3 and Rackspace services and thus arguably more destination but has no support for actions. Comodo Backup is again identical in nature but does not provide actions without scripting support and hence will rarely be used by the average user. Apart from this, some other free tools include Cobian Backup which is simple to use and features tons of protocol support and the user interface is not as polished. ZIP support for larger than 4 GB is also provided by Backup4all but it lacks password protected archive support.


BackUp Maker is a polished and visually pleasing experience to the mundane task of backup. The efficient handling of split backups in various media is a great feature to have especially for IT admins. Actions in response to backup activities and automation will please professional users and the pro version also comes with free technical support as well.


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