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AVS Video converter is one of the video converting tools available in the Internet today. It enables users to convert videos from a long list of formats using multithread conversion method. Videos can also be converted in batches making it a handy tool for video professionals. AVS video converter also provides an option to burn the converted files to a DVD/Blur Ray disc post conversion.


With AVS Video Converter, managing your videos becomes an easy task. Videos can be trimmed, cropped, or edited with visual and text effects before burning them to external storage devices. The tool has in built features to create menu templates for DVDs. Users can also create movie visuals as background for the title menus making the video appear more attractive and appealing. The edited visuals can also be mixed with audio tracks to create unique and solo videos. The music track can be linked directly from the system or through recording from the system voice-over recording.

Long videos like movies and documentaries can be split into various chapters. Each chapter can be assigned a unique title and caption along with subtitles which makes AVS video converter irresistible software for amateur video professionals. Further, it also provides options to convert subtitles into a host of formats to suit the system requirements of various operating systems. In case of website developers the software also allows edited videos to be embedded directly to personal blogs, websites, etc. The tool is compatible even with Windows XP, 2003 and later versions which makes even old systems to use the software without any compatibility issues.


AVS video converter is a free for download, which users can download without any premium payment. Being a trial ware, it comes with advertisements which are positioned in such a way that they don’t hinder the functioning in any manner unlike other video converting tools. The interface of the software is very elegant and is aesthetically designed when compared to other conversion tools. The developers have designed the software specifically for Windows operating system understanding the dearth of video conversion tools in the Windows platform.


AVS Video converter is an easy to use video editing tool that even amateurs with little knowledge in video and audio editing can use with great ease. It offers a wide range of options and facilities that similar video conversion tools do not offer.


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