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If you run a small business with 3 to 100 computers, you need an antivirus solution that can protect your computers from virus infections. This is because viruses can lower performance of the computers or destroy the system as well. Avira SmallBusiness Suite protects file servers and PCs from viruses and other threats. This software allows you to protect your email connections and endpoints from all forms of threats. The program comes with a 30 day trial period.


Avira SmallBusiness Suite is tailored to meet small and medium size business needs. The installation and configuration of this application is pretty simple. You don’t need to be an IT expert to install the program in your business. The user interface is clearly structured to enable less experienced users to use the software. Personalized settings are facilitated by wizard. With just a single click, users can update and manage quarantine system. Avira SmallBusiness also comes with advanced protection against spam and malware. The predetermined statistics overview provides all the information at a glance.


Avira SmallBusiness Suite competes with other antivirus programs in the market such as Bitdefender Client Security, Panda Security and Norton Small Business among others. Bitfdefender Client Security is tailored to offer protection against viruses just like Avira SmallBusiness. The only difference between these applications is that Bitdefender Client Security uses cloud based technology to protect computers. This is a more advanced feature that is not available in Avira SmallBusiness.


Avira SmallBusiness Suite is a reliable and efficient antivirus solution for small and midsize businesses. With enhanced protection against spam and malware, the program ranks as one of the best antivirus solution applications. The developer should however, consider including cloud based technology to enhance new threat detection.


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