Avira Internet Security Plus

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Avira Internet Security Plus can protect your computer from malicious websites and other web-based threats. This software also enhances speed of your computer by improving its speed. The program consists of two distinct applications; Avira System Speedup and Avira Internet Security. Avira Internet Security protects you from hackers, web-based crimes, mail borne viruses and any other form of malware. On the other hand, Avira System Speedup helps to speed up computers with bad performance. The program can restore your computer to its normal functioning. Avira Internet Security Plus is a commercial ware.


Avira Internet Security Plus has several features that make it effective in protecting your computer from malware. The program detects new and unknown internet threats using cloud based technology. This is an intelligent feature that can scan your system ultra fast and detect any form of web-based threat. The AntiBot feature blocks any attempt by hackers to get access to your computer. The software also inspects any suspicious and unfamiliar code using AHeAD Technology. Avira Internet Security Plus can also intercept malicious websites and scan all incoming and outgoing mails. The software’s Anti-phishing feature proactively protects users from email scams. This application thoroughly inspects your PC, freezes and crashes all the programs that cause slowness in your computer. It has several tools that scan for empty folders, restore or back up the registry, analyze and find duplicate files.


Avira Internet Security Plus competes with other programs such as Norton 360, Avast 2014, Kaspersky 2014, McFee 2014, AVG among others. Unlike Avira Internet Security Plus , AVG is a freeware. This application however, doesn’t use cloud technology. This means that its new threat detection rate is lower than that of Avira Internet Security.


Avira Internet Security Plus consists of two applications; Avira Internet Security and Avira System Speedup. The software uses cloud based technology to detect and block any web-based threat. This program can protect your computer from mail borne viruses, hackers and cyber criminals.


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