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The AVG Internet Security is a complete system of protection for a computer; work and home. Using an award-winning antivirus system, viruses are prevented from entering your computer, helping to protect you against the hordes of malicious software that lurk in bad links, websites and emails. The program is available with a free 30 day trial to allow people to experience the anti-virus and firewall system before deciding on whether they should purchase it or not.


AVG Internet Security comes with a variety of features to offer its users a comprehensive protection system against foreign PC invaders. Some of the features include file shredder, anti-virus, firewall and data safe. The data safe helps to keep your files locked in your computer so that even if a virus gets in, it won’t be able to open any of your personal files which may contain very personal information. While browsing the internet, the AVG Internet Security has the following features to help keep its user safe: link protection, online shield and anti spam filters. These features scan links, emails and protects your computer from harmful downloads.


When compared to other basic virus protection programs, AVG Internet Security is among the best. It doesn’t have all the features of a total protection program, but as far as lightweight internet security systems go, AVG is unique in its user friendliness. It comes with a touch screen friendly interface. The advanced settings can be overwhelming but offer a high level of control over the program, if you understand it. Some internet security programs consume a great deal of system resources but the AVG program is easy on your system.


If you are in need of a basic internet security program, then the AVG Internet Security can fulfill your needs. Touch screen friendly with advanced features under the hood makes the program very adaptable. While it may be expensive for one year’s subscription, the low system usage and advanced features can make it a great buy for the right user.


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