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AVG Anti-Virus free edition has always been a go-to for people on the lookout for free but excellent computer security. Anyone who downloads AVG can install the program in about five steps, something it has been known for. However, with a buggy installation history tainting its profile, it’s hard for many to use it without second thoughts.


On a more positive note, AVG Antivirus offers excellent protection against viruses and many other types of malware. Even with more and more of these popping up like mushrooms, AVG continues to provide computer security. It also has many features that provide extra protection for your device. For instance, it can scan for rootkits and get rid of them with relative ease. It also blocks ransomware and fake antivirus programs from accessing your system. Additionally, AVG can help protect your email passwords and personal information.

Aside from offering antivirus protection, AVG also provides internet protection. When you click on a link and get redirected to a website containing malware, AVG warns you with its LinkScanner technology. Its computer analysis feature helps tune up your system, scanning for disk damage and registry errors. If you have shortcuts lying around that lead nowhere, AVG has a tool that helps detect and remove broken shortcuts. However, this tool is downloaded separately and is offered just once throughout your subscription. If you opt out of this feature, you will have to pay to access it.

AVG is now available for Android gadgets, something many laptop or desktop antivirus programs can’t boast of. However, if your devices are infested with viruses and malware, you might find it rather frustrating when you start installing AVG.There are several installation bugs that the AVG team needs to address before AVG can be given five stars. For instance, some users reported that their browsers were closed by AVG without their permission. Someone in the middle of writing an email will get peeved if this happens. Another big oversight is AVG’s failure to complement the new profile of Windows 8. While many app developers and software engineers are revamping their programs and apps after Windows ushered in its new operating system, AVG’s efforts aren’t as impressive in this department.

One other major issue during installation just might discourage anyone from using AVG altogether. People usually download antivirus programs to, well, get rid of malware. However, installing AVG can be counterproductive as it can’t be installed seamlessly if your computer already has viruses. Some users can get away with the installation simply by going into safe mode. However, others can’t even access the Internet. Many users also reported a glitch involving their keyboards. Although this can be an isolated case, AVG’s attempt to clean up computers is starting to look destructive, hurting even the innocent drivers that your computer needs to function normally.

With these many issues during or right after installation, AVG is in for a rough ride. Users can opt to contact customer service, but those using the free edition can expect help only after several days. Until then, they have no choice but to cross their fingers while they worry about whether any damage to their computer systems are permanent or not. On a more positive note, AVG actually delivers when it comes to what matters: computer security. It behaves almost just as well as any other antivirus that you can get only after paying top dollar. It also provides extra services, such as computer tune-up analytics, which is something you might want to use if your computer has been rather slow or buggy.

Just like other antivirus programs, AVG also comes with a toolbar for your Internet browser. This toolbar allows you to block tracking cookies through their “do not track” feature. Of course, for you to access these extra perks, you might actually have to remove all initial threats on your computer – and you might have to do so one at a time. If you opt to use their computer tune-up, you also have to download another program, something that users find rather inconvenient. Nevertheless, after your computer is clean as a slate, AVG can be installed easily and you can start enjoying its awesome internet protection technology.


Avast, as mentioned, also has pop-ups. However, these pop-ups appear only when a threat is detected. In this case, the free edition of AVG proves to be more annoying for users. When it comes to which program provides the best antivirus protection, it becomes a matter of argument. Some tests point to Avira as the antivirus that detects the most number of viruses while others say AVG is the winner.
AVG also lags behind in terms of scan speed. Avira scans your computer at a faster rate. However, Avira tags even the innocent programs in your computer as viruses, which means it has a high yield of false positives. Those who are not familiar with the programs their computers use will have a hard time deciphering real threats from important components that actually keep their computers running.


If you’re looking for free antivirus programs that are actually capable of protecting your computer from ominous online threats, AVG Antivirus is a good bet. Although riddled with bugs and glitches in the beginning, the fact that you get first-rate security without having to spend a single cent is something that makes AVG Antivirus a winner in the eyes of many.


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