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Avast internet security is a popular antivirus that offers security in an efficient and easy to handle manner. It offers real time computer security through constantly updating its virus definition database. This ensures that you enjoy maximum security against spyware and viruses. It features five different scan types.


Avast internet security provides a number of tools that assist in performing different tasks. There are tools used to update the computer software, a tool for creating rescue disks, a cleaning tool for your browser and a tool that enables you to use it through remote control to control your mobile devices and PC’s remotely. Avast also offers a safe zone. This is an environment that facilitates private and secure browsing while banking or shopping online.
The Sandbox allows the software execution with limited risk on your operating system via a virtual environment. It also features a silent firewall that blocks unauthorized access and hackers from attacking your PC.


Avast internet security goes beyond the basic antivirus software in its protection scope. It protects laptops and computers from malware and repairs damaged machines. Additionally, it serves to protect you from phishing sites and social platforms. McAfee performed better than Avast internet security in its parental control feature. Avast internet security on the other hand performed better than McAfee in cleaning a machine with amok malware.


In my opinion, Avast internet security is ideal for PCs and laptops that are used by one person. This is because, it lacks the necessary tools for filtering blocked search content from children. In addition, its security suite does not offer the ability to set up parental controls and create user profiles.


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