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Every now and then when using the internet a person tends to be exposed to threats and attacks from malware viruses and Trojan. If a person is not cautious enough he or she might end up losing money or data that could be used in an unauthorized manner. Hackers are constantly trying to get access to people’s accounts to get personal and financial data such as passwords or bank account details. The attack is not just limited to individuals but also to business enterprises. Computers that are networked also need to be protected using reliable and up to date security software. Avast! Endpoint Protection Plus provides such security. It prevents hackers from seeing the network devices and will secure the devices when a person is on the road.


The software is built upon a certified and award winning antivirus engine thus providing a strong protection and web based central management and remote real time and automatic security alerts. The inbuilt firewall and anti spam protects the data and ensures that all the essential protection that a business needs is provided for in an easy to use package. The software enables is continuous updating of the database with the latest real time definitions through a connection to the Avast virus lab, instead of waiting for the traditional updating of the database. The remote update ensures that a person is able to save time and costs that are associated with traditional methods. It also enables scheduling of scans to a time when a person or employees are not using the PC’s thereby ensuring that work is not affected.


Avast! Endpoint Protection software has to be installed and unlike most software, a person might be required to restart the computer so that the application can take full effect. However the software can allow for schedule a scan which ensures that work is not interfered with.


This software helps a person be in charge of the business of ensuring safety of the documents is maintained in an intuitive and efficient manner.


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