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Our browsers are often clutters with unwanted add-ons and toolbars which get installed while downloading other software and updates. Managing these toolbars and add-ons is a hassle! Avast Browser Cleanup Tool is an application which helps you manage all your toolbars and add-ons installed in your browser. You can easily disable or remove various browser add-ons.


Avast! Browser Clean-up is a freeware application that supports all versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  It a useful tool that helps delete unwanted toolbars, plug-ins and add-ons from your browser.  It has a simple and clean design and you don’t need to configure it, which makes it really easy to use.

The toolbars which accidentally gets downloaded from other sources prove to be a menace due to the display of unwanted adds on your browser window, or because they re-direct you to other sites through sponsored links, or track browser activity. To get rid of these unwanted toolbars, add-ons and plug-ins, download Avast Browser Cleanup Tool. On running this tool and opening the utility, it shows a list of toolbars and plug-ins installed in your browser in a separate window.  You will be able to see an option to disable any of them on the right hand side. All you have to do is just click on the ones you want to disable. It also comes with an automatic rating system, which tells the user about the popularity of a particular add-on with other users. If you have any other Avast Security tool installed in your computer than this tool comes as a part of the package!


Avast Browser Cleanup Tool is one of a kind.  There are tools which manage your cookies, browser history and browser settings, but very few tools manage your toolbars. One of them includes Toolbar Clean-up, a reliable simple tool to clear up all your unwanted add-ons. It is very similar to Avast. There is also Multi-Toolbar Remover, but it only works on select toolbars, like AOL.


Avast Browser Cleanup Tool is portable on the vista /XP / 7 / 8 windows operating system.  It has no pre system requirements and can easily be installed from any trusted source.


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