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Avant Browser is a highly efficient browser that allows multitasking and incorporates several useful options. Users can view multiple browser windows, and can download videos while surfing the web pages. The browser uses low system resources and protects other pages from crashing incase a single page stops functioning.


Avant Browser is a highly functional and useful tool for browsing the Internet. It allows users to download videos directly from the websites while surfing the web pages. The browser detects the videos in a web page and enables users to download these videos with a single click. The browser also has an inbuilt multithread downloader that allows faster downloads from the websites, emails and other cloud applications that are accessed through the browser. The downloaded files are easier to manage due to the downloader incorporated in the browser.

Additionally, the browser has a multiprocessing function that ensures that even if one tab crashes, the other tabs keep working without interrupting the users. The browser uses very low amount of system resources and memory and is among one of the lowest memory consuming browsers. This ensures that the performance of the system is not hampered. The browser also supports split view function that allows viewing and accessing multiple tabs in a single screen without the requirement to toggle between the various tabs. The interface of the browser is customizable and the layout of the screen can be defined by the users. The browser also has a function for detaching a tab and always keeping it above other windows.

Avant Browser also has a private mode, which when activated does not store the usage history of the users. This is especially beneficial in case of shared computers. The browser supports auto filling of forms and has the option that allow users to log into specified sites when the browser starts. It also has an ad and popup blocker function and also supports blocking of flash and video files while browsing a website. This increases the loading speed of a web page as the flash and video files get blocked. This browser supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Opera is a browser that has several features similar to Avant browser. Opera has a highly customizable webpage and uses low system resources. It uses low amount of system resources and does not hamper the performance of the system. The browser has a discover page that allows consolidating best contents on the websites.


Avant Browser is a highly efficient and useful browser that allows users to perform several tasks at once while using low amount of system resources. The browser’s multithread downloader helps in downloading files faster while avoiding disruption in downloads. The browser’s option for detaching the tab helps in viewing it important information that is being displayed on a webpage by always keeping it on top of other windows.


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