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Any single backup is often not enough and it is particularly true for those files, which are changed often. Version control can be very useful here. Such special backup save each new version of a file into a backup folder helping the user to access all of the versions of a file recently saved. One such backup software system is AutoVer, which is a very lightweight program to do this work.


AutoVer is a free program and has really a very simple interface to backup the files. As soon as the system is turned on AutoVer may be accessed from an icon in taskbar. The user interface consists of very straightforward commands to add up any file or delete any one, the users want to view and backup while required. AutoVer checks all files included in directories initially stated by the user. If any of these files is changed, the software will create a copy, to the path indicated by the user in favor of these versions.

Additionally, the advanced settings of this program will allow the user to select the particular files to include as well as exclude from the process of backup. The users are even allowed to pause the process and resume the backup of some folders with the help of the command button. The search feature of this program enables the users to explore the folders that have been backed up. AutoVer even comprises a Help menu, however since the program is so simple to use, that hardly any user needs this menu. But it is better to make use of this menu so that the users will not mess with a huge number of configurations in order to backup the files. The most interesting thing about his system is that, as soon as it is set up, it will do the whole thing on autopilot.


AutoVer can be compared to some other similar kind of software like Backup Maker (a solution for doing data backups), Back4Sure (a backup solution to hard disk drive and also USB drive), SaftBackup (does backup of files that are locked by means of Volume Shadow Copy) and Norton Backup (it cares for the documents, files of song, videos along with digital images with automatic data backup online). AceBackup is also free backup system to produce entirely protected backups of the data.


AutoVer software has real-time backup system and is a personal versioning program that examines the users’ files in particular folders and stores automatically a backup copy of every file if it is modified. Every time when a file is changed, a fresh backup copy would be included with another version. The user can then utilize the Backup Explorer and simply restore earlier versions of the file. Moreover, the software functions with external hard drives with no problems and comprises several tools such as time stamping for improved control. Though there is nothing extra that is offered but the whole job is done by it accurately.


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