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Recording activities taking place onscreen can be a difficult and cumbersome task. The problems may vary from slow response to user’s request, inability to open cleanly. Recording actions onscreen with proper efficiency and excellent quality thus becomes a challenging task. AutoScreenRecorder is an ultimate easy to use, user friendly software to record videos of the desktop and its subsequent activities. All a person needs to do is configure the software according to their need and access it with designated hot keys. Unlike other onscreen recorders, AutoScreenRecorder has an excellent GUI and satisfying performance.


The software comes with simple, clearly visible buttons with to the point instructions and functioning. Option of Record, Stop, and advanced buttons like From, To are available to have every possible action one could need. The add-on feature of the recorder is the possibility to record a particular portion of the screen that is selecting a rectangular area using the selection tool from the menu and recording the necessary. Although it is selectable, it is usually preferred to record a full screen view without missing a thing, which also can be edited later if needed. Skipping back to rectangular selection option, it too comprises of various plus points, including ability to magnify on a particular area and make smaller files. On the other hand, the trimming of the region makes the video blurry and pixelated as compared to the original one. AutoScreenRecorder allows forming hot keys to access frequently used functions quickly. For example, the record function is stored at F9 by default, and simply tapping the button can kick off the recording for the system. The Help file of the software is quite useful and solves most the user’s doubts. AutoScreenRecorder is loaded with numerous hands on facilities, one special being the mouse gestures.


When there are software that deal with delicate issues of system screen recording and providing the services of one touch record and behind the screen recording, comparing the software itself could be an insult to it. In proper words, many startups have come and gone, but the consistency and reliability of AutoScreenRecorder has not been matched and probably isn’t comparable in the near future!


AutoScreenRecorder is a must have software for computer users who need to keep a record of the actions taking place on the system for longer times, and for those who need to keep a track of the work, or game data that gets stored during an event. AutoScreenRecorder efficiently records its way through and provides the user with flawless masterpiece of the recorded AVI video files.


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