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In the world of computer and robots, we expect the machines to work by themselves. Machines have been generally developed to reduce human efforts, automate almost anything. Automation Anywhere is a software developed to intelligently automate certain tasks, which are complex in nature. Actions like recording keyboard and mouse shortcuts, or simply implying to perform simple processes, some automation scripts can be created to do so. There is no need to know any bit of programming, as everything is merely a drag and drop operation behind.


The best and people’s favourite feature in the Anywhere Monitor, which is a web based technology, which allows the user to have the knowledge and updates about the tasks that have been performed by the system on their machines. Its passwords policies have been stringent and provide a secure environment for automation of delicate tasks without hindrances. Automation Anywhere is provided with a great number of modules to suit user needs, including the one click web data extractor, task schedulers, IE plugins and database actions. There is a peculiar SMART Automation technology typically used to automate processes without the guidance of the owner, and without any needs to manual commands externally. Image recognition, in the latest version of Automation Anywhere has been speeded up by 30%, for faster processing. This software is equipped with an efficient Web recorder. What this recorder does is when somebody opens a link or a string of checkboxes, Automation Anywhere exactly knows what has been desired and even in the case of change in setting of the website or change in entire website, the software detects it by effective data extraction methods and provides user with best results.

Ability of the software to support variables (recurring tasks again and again with different values) and Unicode (support for different languages for universal use) is definitely another attraction.


There are hundreds of automation software available, and it often becomes difficult for people to select the right one. For Automation Anywhere, it can be used anywhere actually, as it comes in Standard version, a Small Business version and even for Enterprise version. Thus, Automation Anywhere can be taken as a universal automation software which has usability for almost anybody who needs automation. Most of the automation software come in single version and thus restrict the audiences. Also, modules like web recorder and Anywhere monitor are the things one cannot miss.


Automation Anywhere is an automating software one should definitely try. With different version available for different set of users, it becomes easy to select and utilize the software. With wide range of modules, it acts like an icing to the cake. One can monitor the automated tasks through web portals, making the monitoring easier.


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