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AutoMailer Free is a utility application which sends automatic emails of files by attaching them to the email. Users can specify the particular folders from which the files are to be attached and mail and therefore, whenever a new file is added to the folder, the application attaches it and sends the mail to the pre-specified email addresses.


AutoMailer Free is a useful application for sending files in the form of email attachments. Users need to define a specific folder and whenever a new file is added to the folder; the application attaches it to an email and dispatch the file to the specific recipients. Users can configure the settings for the folder and the application at specific periodical intervals scans this folder for changes in the files. If the application detects a new file or a new version of the file, it attaches it to the mails and dispatches it.

Using this application, users can ensure that important files are dispatched on periodic basis and necessary backups can be created without actually having to save backups of each file. Also, it helps with dispatch of important official files in a timely manner to the intended recipients.The application enables users to also specify the email addresses to which the files are to be mailed along with specifying whether the files are to be sent to the specified address as ‘To’ messages or as ‘cc’ or ‘bcc’ messages. Users can also setup filters and specify the type of files which are to be mailed and also define if these files are to be compressed to ZIP archieves before mailing.

While defining the rules for mailing the files as attachments, it is possible to specify whether a single file is to be attached or multiple files are to be attached. The application has an intuitive interface and is easy to be operated. It supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


FileInMail is an application similar to AutoMailer Free. The application scans the specified folder and as and when it detects a new file or a newer version of an existing file, it attaches the file to an email and mails it to the recipients as specified by the users. The application uses the email client program or uses and SMTP server for mailing the files without any requirement of any user activities. Users can specify even multiple directories and file types to be attached and dispatched.


AutoMailer Free is an efficient application for managing the attachments. The program is useful in automatically creating backups of files as it emails these files to the specified email addresses. It is also useful in the instances where users have to mail the updated files on a periodic basis as the application monitors new and newer versions of the files and mail them. Users can also specify the file types and the application can compress these files to ZIP archieves before mailing them.


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