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AutoHotkey is a software that helps you configure your mouse, joystick and keyboard. It runs on all Windows OS and is a free software for the Windows users. It is developed by Chris Mallett. With a user-friendly interface, it not only provides you with the freedom to select hotkeys but also provides you with a script compiler and some other utilities. The memory usage of this program is extremely low and thus, doesn’t interfere in the working of your other applications.


This application is enriched in features which provide you with the flexibility to do things on a user-friendly interface. You get the option of installing the program in different versions, Unicode 32-bit, Unicode 64-bit and ANSI 32-bit. It is easy to learn the scripting language of the program and you also get a lot of help in the Help documents. You can also view every bit of related information to the program and your recent activities in its main panel. Some other key features of it are:

  • Make changes to your soundcard’s settings.
  • Enables you to use a joystick as a mouse.
  • Helps you monitor your system.
  • You can make changes to the contents of the clipboard like some name of a file copied from Windows Explorer.
  • You can make changes to the Windows’ default shortcut keys and can even disable them.
  • Allows you to work with registry files.
  • Allows automation of game actions by detecting colors and pictures.
  • Helps you detect for how long the user is idle and has some intensive system tasks that utilizes more memory that can be accomplished during this time.


One of the competitors of AutoHotkey is Autoit. Both are scripting languages for Windows. AutoIt is not more freeware but AutoHotkey still is. AutoHotkey has adapted some source codes from AutoIt. Both of them are almost similar in their features and work out in similar ways. Some differences occur when it comes to providing help. AutoHotkey doesn’t deny helping out users on its forum even if the codes break some intellectual property or someone’s catch. EULA on the other hand does not do so. AutoIt has a zero tolerance policy towards providing help to such users.


It is a freeware software with a user-friendly interface. A flexible application providing you with the options to various things such as changing shortcuts comes with a compiler and also some other small though important utilities. As it uses less memory, it doesn’t allow your system to crash. For a beginner, the tasks such as hotkey configuration and scripting, automation may look like a hectic thing to do but with AutoHotkey on your system, it makes it very easy even for a beginner.


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