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Auto FTP Manager is a FTP client that assists users in automating the file transfer using file transfer protocol. This application is very useful for people who have to make certain regular pupations. In such a case it can be set to automate the whole process. It has various features related to an FTP transfer. This application is a paid app, and there is also a downloadable demo version with a limitation of being able to have one automatic transfer and one scheduled transfer.


Auto FTP Manager is an FTP client application, which allows its users to transfer their files located on a computer to an online host. This whole process is carried out using File Transfer Protocol. Also, as its name signifies the procedural activities that this application carry out i.e. automation. The application comes packed in a 7MB installable package, which installs in seconds. Using this application is quite simple, as it possesses an interface that resembles more like that of Windows 98 and similar OS interfaces. Such an interface is easily understood and works superfluous too. To use this application user will require hostname, userid, password and port number. Port Number remains an optional field, although hostname, userid and password are mandatory fields.

The main objective of the application is to download or upload files from a host computer or computer to host or even computer to computer. Users can manage profiles for certain hosts to automatically upload or download files from the or to the host. This transfer is automatized on various basis, such as on a timely basis or whenever new files are uploaded onto server it will automatically backup the file(s). There is also an option of time scheduling, and this feature is particularly important for website managers who require to public the data after a certain time period. Users can also set a profile to selectively transfer the files with a particular extension i.e. to set a profanity filter to allow only certain files types and ignore all others. Besides this, it have all other common features such as viewing an online file, editing, deleting, queuing and even setting transfer priorities on files. Along with this, users can also use command line for an extended setup of the transfer.


FTP clients are the applications that allow files to be transfer from a PC to a host using file transfer protocol. There is a huge variety of such applications, one of them is Auto FTP Manager which is quite good and can be brought to play when some automation is required. However, there are several other similar applications such as FileZilla, CuteFTP and so on. The main feature between these applications arises in their pricing. Auto FTP Manager is a paid application, however, there are some applications such as FileZilla which are freeware; moreover they are more popular than this application.


Auto FTP Manager is a simple FTP client that allows its users to automatically manage the transfers between their server and PC using the FTP protocol. There are various other features that comprises in the application. On comparing, this application can be used in cases where automatic updation is required, although if that’s not the case then there are many free wares that can do the same task.


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