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Auslogics Duplicate files finder is a tool when installed on the PC looks for the duplicates in files and gives options for the users to remove the duplicated files. This can be basically used to free up space in the PC. This could be used for all types of files like Audio, Video, images and applications or all together at a stretch.


Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 7 64 bits / 8 / 8 64 bit. It is a freeware tool and the user interface is very end user friendly. The user has to just select the type of file for which the duplicates need to be looked for. User can select the entire drive or they can select the folder in which scanning has to be made. There is also a search option in the tool which could be used to search or ignore the files based on some criteria. The criteria may include files larger or smaller than particular size or the files created on a particular date.

There are three options to delete the duplicate files found. The user can either delete them permanently or they can send them to the recycle bin. The other option is sending the files to rescue center. The user has to just click on the Rescue center button to store the files. Rescue center allows the retrieval of the deleted files when needed. When given for scanning, progress bar keeps ticking showing the progress of the folders scanned. It shows the current progress and the time taken for the folders which were already scanned. After scanning, the tool gives the name of the file, file path and the date each file was last modified along with the file size. The files which are duplicated are marked in the same color for easy identification. Once identified, it is up to the user to either delete the files one at a time or delete them in a group. This tool also helps with cleaning and sorting of files. It helps in sorting the files with respect to properties of a file like types, name, size, etc. The tool does not take much space on the computer and is very easy to use.


Winmerge, Double killer, Easy duplicate finder, Duplicate images finder are some of the tools which finds the duplicate files on the computer.


Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a great tool because of its simplicity and it does not require any prior experience for the user to use this tool. It could also be used for large and any type of files with different formats. Hence this tool is strongly recommended for people who are not more tech savvy but want to free up the computer space.


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