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If your PC is gradually slowing down and it is not working efficiently like before then Auslogics Disk Defragis the right choice for you. This is a great Windows application that quickly defragments all your files stored in your HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Auslogics Disk Defrag optimizes the file placement and tries to manage free space to optimize the system to the highest possible data access speed.


There are so many features provided by Auslogics Disk Defrag as it provides ultra-fast engine, which makes it one of the fastest defragger available in the software market. The software hardly takes less than 10 minutes or so to completely defragment an average size hard drive. The great thing about this software is that it is absolutely free to use and there are no functionality barrier or limitation for home or commercial use of the software. It is free and also the regular updates are provided in order to make user experience with the software better than before.


Comparing Auslogics Disk Defrag with similar software available in the market Piriform Defraggler, it also performs a good job when it comes to defragging your HDD. Having simple user interface, it can run on schedule basis. Additionally, many new features are added like SMART tab, HDD temperature, which is a separate tool in itself. On the down side it gradually “slows down” while larger files are defragging. The other main issue associated with Piriform Defraggler is that the remaining time calculation is not always accurate and sometimes it displays completely wrong remaining timing. When it comes to head to head comparison Auslogics Disk Defrag is the clear winner as it also provides similar features with clean and easy to use interface and defragging a larger file and it also displays the number of clusters going through so you can get the idea of the overall progress being made.


The impressive performance of Auslogics Disk Defrag makes it the best in its category. You can use this application in order to optimize the performance of your PC. You can use the default settings for convenient one click defragmentation or customize program operation and appearance to get what you need. The quality is industrially acknowledged and exclusive.


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