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File Corruption and Data loss are some of the serious problem user face while copying their files from one folder to another. Having an application that help user to protect their data from these issues is advantageous. Auslogics BitReplica is such a useful application for the users that enable them to backup their data without being corrupted. Its simple and easy to operate mechanism will be helpful for the user operating it for the first time.


Auslogics BitReplica application has a simple operating process that provides the facility of backing up data more securely and accurately. The application provides several options for the user to store backup data i.e. not only on computer hard drives but also on removable disks or on internet locations. The application also follows a user friendly interface that help user to go for an immediate backup directly with a click of single button. Another important feature of this application is that it allows user multiple backup modes. In the general backup mode the application only copy the data from one folder to the another one without removing the unwanted files while in the specific backup mode the application itself remove those unwanted files from the folder. Auslogics BitReplica also provides a full backup mode in which the data user want to backup is copied to more than one location and regularly updates the changes made in the source folder. The application also helps user to schedule their backup if they want it to be performed on specific time interval.

Another feature of this application is that it allows the user to perform different backup strategy for different types of files i.e. the user can choose backup option of the documents once in a day while photos and other data once in a week or month. The only thing user has to invest is the time requires for the backup which depends on how much data user is backing up. User can also justify rules for data backup i.e. create backup, delete old backup, etc.


Some of the other application that provides the same mechanism as Auslogics BitReplica is Karen’s Replicator and Redo Backup and Recovery. But the ease of the operation, user friendly interface and the variety of features provided by Auslogics BitReplica make it far more useful and important application of its kind. Also, this application is available in different languages. The only disadvantage attached with the application is that it has a least effect on the performance of computer in terms of RAM.


Auslogics BitReplica helps user to perform its daily backup needs and secure data. Its light weighted and handy operating features make it easy to use and the user interacting with it for the first time can operate it without any fatigue. The effect on computer’s performance is the only disadvantage otherwise the application is very useful for the user.


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